Monday, July 10, 2006

Beginning Hermeneia

I have finally decided to start my own blog. I have resisted it for some time because I have often thought it presumptuous that one would assume he or she has something to say. It does have many benefits, however. One is that I am a pastor and a theologian and I have many musings(unfortunately, today the two don't always go hand in hand). My thoughts range from liturgy, to early Christian preaching, to Greek studies, LXX as well as New Testament studies.

The church has a rich tradition and history into which every Christian would do well to search and meditate. It is my intention that this blog, Hermeneia (interpretation), will seek to intrigue those interested in how the early church "interpreted" the scriptures, the liturgy, faith and life.

In the peace of Jesus,

+Fr. Chadius