Monday, February 25, 2008

The Bride of Christ Revisited

For several years I was a student of the theological journal The Bride of Christ I was saddened when I received its final issue last year which stated that the journal was coming to its conclusion and end. I just found out that a great, faithful pastor and friend, Fr. Timothy May, has begun to take steps to give this journal new life. This is a great new and fresh step. Deacon David Muehlenbruch, who is very well-informed on things liturgical is working with Fr. May. Deacon David has much to offer in the way of liturgical scholarship, as well.

Lutheranism confesses clearly the doctrines of the church catholic as confessed in the Book of Concord. One thing we have lacked in American Lutheranism is a clear understanding of how we should practice and breathe the faith through the liturgy. I don't need to explain how bad American Lutheranism has erred in terms of liturgy and practice. Most Lutheran pastors have little or no understanding of liturgics. It is a large-scale problem that needs fixing. I only fault pastors individually when they fail to seek to recover that which has been lost.

Perhaps this will be a fresh start to a new generation of Lutheranism that will bring congruence to what we preach, teach, and practice as we breathe out our faith through the historic liturgy of the church which surpasses time, cultures, and language. Visit their website and contact Fr. May and Deacon David, thanking them as well as offering your support.

+Fr. Chadius